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We are now hiring for the following positions:

Line Cooks

We love to hear from you. 


Brooke N. 


Brooke opened The Bistro in 2015 and  has been working over the operations of the restaurant since. With her extensive experience in fine dining and event planning, Brooke works very hard to keep the Bistro up to standards of farm to table dining.

Rest GM.jpeg

Eduardo A.​



Eduardo's passion in the hospitality industry began in California when he was only 16 years old. Eduardo worked his way up from working as a bus boy in The Foundry on Melrose in West Hollywood to becoming a General Manager in The Roof of Wilshire. Bistro Off Broad is very appreciative to have Eduardo on their team since 2019. 

Kory D. 



Kory fell in love with food early in his life while washing dishes and learning to cook in a country club in Cashiers, NC. Eager to learn with a desire to develop his passion, he worked in kitchens while attending college in Athens, GA. During this time, he would take on his first executive chef position at only 20 years old. After spending a few months training at some of the regions foremost restaurants, he landed at Empire State South where he developed a deep appreciation for locality and sustainability that has stuck with him since. Kory focuses on hyper-seasonal cuisine that emphasizes simplicity over bravado paired with the inspiration provided by European cultures.

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